Tuesday, May 23, 2006

A Sendoff to New Orleans

Friday night we threw a benefit party to help RPP with the costs of going to New Orleans to volunteer nurse on her week long break from school (she is an RN, but studying to become a Nurse Practioner). The surplus money is being donated to the grass roots clinic in the 9th ward where she is working this week, Common Ground.

We had a live band comprised of neighbors, including a twelve year old drummer, which would have made it fabulous even if they hadn't been good. But they were good, and they kept the music relevant to RPP's destination. I made a chandelier out of a hulahoop and christmas lights and hung it outside where the music played. We had a raffle with prizes of cd packs, dvd packs, gift certificates, a massive bottle of beer, artwork by friends, and we had a kissing booth. Rima and I prostituted ourselves for charity, which someone later pointed out should really be called "non-profitution." We had great food and drinks. Fresh citrus lemon drops with citrus from my friend's sisters organic ranch, screwdrivers with the juice from our tangerine tree (amazing), sangria with papaya and mango, and some crazy person brought absinthe. Totally lethal. The people who drank that particular anisette were out of their fool minds - apparently it can turn a gay man straight, I saw it happen.

The dogs were perfect, wandering about, amusing the guests, not biting anyone. Duff stood at the edge of the driveway at times and surveyed the scene. At other moments he took his usual stance - passed out on the dance floor.

We had over a hundred people here and raised a little more than seven hundred dollars. So that felt good.

And we had a cake I made for that crazy girl I call my roommate -

The last guest left at 4:30, a bane to the neighbors I suppose, but all were invited and most of them came. I love my neighborhood.


Jed said...

4:30!? How rude! Sounds like it was a great party!

GrizzBabe said...

One cake for a hundred people? Those must have been some tiny slices. And how did you get the lettering so straight? Another one of your talents?

kissyface said...

it was an huge cake, and two stories! plus we forgot to bring it out until later. and don't forget all the eating disordered types in Los Angeles, they won't go near it.

rachelp said...

I heart you and your neighbors

The Frito Pundito said...

Damn! And here I am stuck in Vienna where there ain't a tangerine tree for miles (OK kilometers) around! So Rachel is only in NO for a week? I think with hurricane season coming up and the non-repair of the levees, she'll be needed there again