Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Early Onset Alzheimer's Victim

Add it to our list of character faults: prurient, immature, aimless, flip-floppy...

Evidence? This morning, after making coffee, we tried to store the half & half in the spice, coffee and tea cabinet.

Too young to get lost on long aimless walks.


peteski said...


too hot for the fridge pinky.

kissyface said...

PETESKI!! where have you been?

peteski said...

*fist bump*

tvz shortly.

kissyface said...

you've lost me.

peteski said...

UF Mike said...

Kissyface: You are one beautiful Alzheimers patient, I'll say that for you.

Hey Peteski!

kissyface said...

Mike - aw shucks. and you know, that is one tough pool of competition. in convalescent care, everyone's a looker.

can you decipher peteski's cryptics for me?

Ben said...

With a mug like that who needs memory or cognitive skills?

Keep it up and you'll end up in prison like Brigitte.

peteski said...

fist bump is a greeting (I'm saying hi)
the *s indicates an action.
tvz is townes van zandt.
see your previous post for more.
shortly is soon.
"townes van zandt soon" means I was inspired, checked the nevver.com music library and found and posted a track by him. you can find it on nevver.com
see the "9:13" ? its a link.

stay out of the sun pinky.

steve said...

Nicely done peteski!
They say the memory is the second thing to go.