Sunday, March 18, 2007

Even if love

Once again in the world,
Of 1200 feelings
All in electric lights,
We see what we can

I love the sound wind,
Blowing at night through trees
From the roof i can see toons
Past the houses of the city

And i have been yours,
In fall and in praying
And i loved to look at you
From the side at night,
With music playing

And love will protect you
To the edge of the wood
And a monster will get you,
And love does no good

And even if love were not what i wanted
Love would make love the thing most desired

- Bonnie Prince Billy, aka Will Oldham


UF Mike said...

We love this guy. We love the Smog guy too. They're not afraid to go to the dark places. Will has one big forehead, though. One big shiny shiny forehead.

kissyface said...

Smog guy?