Monday, March 26, 2007

More Unsavory Conversation

This from my friend, Juliet, after I gave her the lowdown on my dating situation.

Jules: "You know, at least you never really go out with assholes."
KF: "I don't?"
Jules: "No. You don't go out with cheaters and the really bad jerks. You might date some pussies..."
KF: "Who can hurt you just as bad."
Jules: "Yeah. Hurt you with their vaginas."


UF Mike said...

Men and their vaginas. This is the reason I could never be gay.

kissyface said...

I know, Mike. It's just terrible. I went on to say something about how the myth of the V. Dentata really had its locus in the masculine sphere, but it seemed clumsy and broke the quippy flow (though quippy's not a flowing word) of the conversation.

UF Mike said...

Your comment makes me think, for some reason, of the word, "Mantooth."