Tuesday, March 20, 2007

To put it Bluntly

we don't like James, even if he is 'beautiful.' In our book, he's right down there with Josh Groban and John Mayer.

If you can bear to do a taste test, can someone tell me how to tell these three songs apart? All I can hear is his proboscis, that sad kazoo he sings through.

He gives me a saccharine heart-attack.

Does anyone else think he sounds like Tiny Tim, without the humor?

(Did you notice a very young Goldie Hawn right at the end of the video?)


steve said...

Saw him on Austin City limits.... not much change from one song to the next and he lays it on a little thick...Saccharine? I was thinking Cyclamates...and Squab.
I did like his Anti-war song about Kosovo- very animated.

Anonymous said...

Stephen and I were bowling this weekend when Bluntface came over the speaker system. I, of course, had a wildly violent reaction to the sound of his voice and Stephen admitted to secretely loving his music.

UF Mike said...

Schnoz-wise, the Blunt one is very much in the Richard Ashcroft mold. And speaking of mold, his music reminds me of Bread. Remember them? JB's music is a bread sandwich, served with a tall glass of schmalz.

kissyface said...

Steve - cyclamates - well, I wouldn't go so far as to call him deadly, though if forced to listen to him too long I could develop a tumor, or I'd call it quits. I am breathlessly awaiting your post, "Dating a Texan." Hurry, before it's too late!

Anonymouse -

Hi SG!
Stephen has always had preposterous taste in pop music, but he's so wildly committed and excited when it comes on, that it is completely endearing. Ask him about how, if he was drunk enough, he'd disrobe every time "Humpty Dance" came on at a party in college (actually, I love that song, too). Ask him about George Michael and Bobby Brown, and how it is that he isn't actually gay.

UF Mike-

I love Ashcroft and The Verve.
I love Bread.
I love Peanut Butter.
I love Toast amd Jam.
I would not could not eat a Blunt sandwich.
Not in a car, not in a bar...

Huckleberry said...

James Blunt annoys me in the same way that Emily Dickinson does.

Make of that what you will...

McGone said...

This is a special moment for me, Kissyface... we first 'met' because of our mutual dislike for John Mayer, and now I see we share a hatred for James Blunt too. Hug yourself for me, will ya? Because I feel a bond here.

And good call lumping Groban in there. These three make the Axis of Suck.

Anonymous said...

Dear Kissyface,
Stephen and I have decided that we need to come to Los Angeles so that I can learn more about his personal history.
Thanks much.

Slinger said...

Knowing mcgone's take on this, I was sure to see him post here. I also do not like those three no-talent ass clowns. And WTF is with John Mayer's hair? he looks liek Edward Scissorhands.

Grant Miller said...

He's like a softer version of John Mayer.

Grant Miller said...

Actually, it's funnier to say he's like John Mayer without all the angst and edge.

Rev. Barking Nonsequitor said...

There is and never was anything like Tiny Tim. I used to love it when ever he appeared on Laugh-In or Sonny and Cher. He never would have made it past the gong show, though.

Rev. Barking Nonsequitor said...
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