Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The Ballad of the Sad Young Men

I am sorry to rely too heavily on the writings of others, but thinking about the dream I posted and your comments (and thank you for them, they are excellent), I suddenly thought of this song. It is intrisically tied into what I feel is one current of meaning in this dream, for myself, and the broader problems I see in our culture.

If you have never hear this song, I urge you to seek it out. My exposure to it comes through Roberta Flack's recording from June of 1969.

Sing a song of sad young man
Glasses full of rye
All the news is bad again so
Kiss your dreams goodbye

All the sad young men
Sitting in the bars
Knowing neon nights
Missing all the stars

All the sad young men
Drifting through the town
Drinking up the night
Trying not to drown

All the sad young men
Singing in the cold
Trying to forget
That they're growing old

All the sad young men
Choking on their worth
Trying to be brave
Running from the truth

Autumm turns the leaves to gold
Slowly dies the heart
Sad young men are growing old
That's the cruelest part

All the sad young men
Seek a certain smile
Someone they can hold for a little while
Tired little girl does the best she can
Trying to be gay for her sad young man

While the grimy moon
Watches from above
All the sad young men
Play at making love

Misbegotten moon
Shine for sad young men
Let your gentle light
Guide them home tonight
All the sad young men

Music written by Thomas J. Wolf Jr. and lyrics by Frances Landesman,
from the 1959 Broadway jazz musical "The Nervous Set".

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