Sunday, April 23, 2006

Spiritual Growing Pains

Kirk Cameron has found God and would like you to join him.

Now, I am not a Christian basher, so please don't misunderstand, but poor reasoning and absurd illustration is just plain funny. In this video, you will learn:

- That studying Evolution in school made Kirk an Atheist

- Despite the common belief that Atheism = Intellectualism, it really is the exact opposite

- The Origin of the Soda Can (1:36 ish)

- Why the Banana is The Atheist's Nightmare. (3:34)

- The Intelligent design of the banana, which was intentionally built to fit the ridges of your hand (LOVING the demo on that one).

(Recommended viewing time on this one is 1:36 > 4:40 - click on the post title)

What I can never quite understand is how the ideas of Creationism and Evolution are mutually exclusive. I guess you have to throw out the Garden story, for one, unless you're willing to retain your faith and yet still read the Bible as metaphor. But seriously, could there really not be a creative deity who set a grand equation/master plan/formula in motion, and let it unfold? And why is anyone so arrogant as to think that a ubiquitous and omnipotent being didn't cook up a recipe that exceeds our current powers of comprehension? I'm sure our current understanding of Evolutionary Theory is faulty and, well, is still 'evolving,' but the creationist model seems awfully elementary to me. Sorry guys.

And by the way, Rev. Comfort, I read in that some primates peel the banana from the end opposite of the stem, because it is easier to pull open.


GrizzBabe said...

I very much agree with you that creationisn and evolution don't have to be mutually exclusive. But I must admit, my opinion is in the minority here in my little corner of the bible belt.

Thanks for the enouraging comments on my blog.

jt castleton said...

kirk found god and the middle sister from "full house" became a meth addict. somewhere in your neck of the woods, a tv producer is thinking up a pitch for upn's newest reality show.

as for the creationism/evolution split, i'll take up intelligent design another day. suffice to say, the duck billed platypus will play a prominent role in my rant. i hear they mainly feed on bananas. B-A-N-A-N-A-S.

"[D]espite his choice of profession, I believe he lived to break rules. It was his revelry." thank you for saying that.

loving someone to death might involve a bit of smothering. loving someone after death takes a fair amount of humility.

i wonder, did you mention the stitch at all at dinner?

true, paris is a culture bound up in the rules of status and propriety... but so is tokyo. thank god for eastern sensibility.

speaking of air, i've been meaning to pick this up:

i admit, i rather enjoy the down-tempo chanteuses out there who try to keep things soft and sensuous. a few thievery corporation tracks have a bit of french in them to my liking. (side note: the entire mirror conspiracy album deserves to be played only after 10pm in low light with someone close wearing a fragrance.) but let's not even get into the shortcomings of gallic hip-hop.

so i drive you crazy in what sense with phrases like "inter alia"? here's a new one: toto coelo. not to be confused with the band of the same name: