Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The Illustrious Miranda Lee Richards

This is a very talented and beautiful neighbor. Sometimes I hear her working out a song on her piano as I walk my dog to the cul de sac, five houses up the way.Her garden smells of lemon blossoms, and her voice is rusted honey. Dulcet and a little rough, all at once. Go to her website and you can hear a large catalogue of her music. She's a hit in Japan. She is, as an old friend used to say, exquisitely demure. You know what to do, click on the title up above.


Billy D said...

She reminds me a bit of Beth Orton. Fantastic lyricist and musician.

jt castleton said...

miranda certainly does have that feminine je ne sais quoi, which (after a song) always leaves me feeling introverted and like i just drove down a country road winding through the fall foliage with the sun breaking through to warm the ride. (how ironic that such imagery alludes to things unsaid much in the style of the uber-male ernest hemingway.)

as for a populated hell preferable to an empty heaven, remember what sartre said: l'enfer c'est les autres. (that french atheist you can find on layer 6.)

close call on the painting, though it's not gericault but his contemporary eugene delacroix. "dante et virgil aux enfers" or "la barque de dante." i had class every friday in the louvre and thoroughly enjoyed my time in the salle mollien. i wonder what my teacher would have said about you calling delacroix's work a "knock-off."

gwyneth's third kid should be called goliath, if a boy, or esther, if a girl. oh wait, madonna's got a lock on that one. but the two are friends, so maybe the gwyneth would be honoring the material girl if she used my suggestion.

as for the kissylocks, leave them auburn. to quote matthew mcconaughey from D&C "i do love those redheads."