Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Casting Genius

Talk about the embodiment of the Madonna-Whore Complex. I'm as amused and thrilled by the creative-symbolic paradox as I am aghast.

Tuesday April 4 11:41 AM ET

Reports indicate that Indian director T. Rajeevnath will be recruiting Paris Hilton to play the starring role in a Mother Theresa biopic.

By FilmStew Staff Report,

This is just taking the idea of stunt-casting to a whole new level. British web site Life Style Extra is reporting that Indian director T. Rajeevnath will be taking a trip across the world to try to convince socialite-turned-actress Paris Hilton to star in his feature biopic of the late humanitarian Mother Theresa.


whosyourhuckleberry said...

Well, it could be a clever use of irony, if done correctly.
But lets face it.
It won't be.

GrizzBabe said...

Please tell me you're joking.

jt castleton said...

the 29th.

alas! i only pretend to speak german. and it wasn't the breasts; it was the smile.

please do compare me to a chevrolet, though i doubt you can do so with one of its truck models. speaking of chevys, know what IROC stands for? ha! how well we tie it all together.

if only gretchen were in law school....then again, could i deal with the emasculation that would inevitably stem from her superior skills in the pipe? (of course i could.)

mistranslations from aramaic are numerous. "naggar" means both woodworker and scholar. which do you think properly applies to a rabbi?

as for the first installment to stitch spirituality....

ever hear someone refer to "god winking"? it's one of those coincidental moments that just blows your mind and reminds you that you're somehow connected to something bigger. well, i've had one too many to call myself an atheist (or even an agnostic).

you'll notice on the post i put up today that i mention the most recent issue of GQ. in it, there's a great article called "For the Love of My Brother" that i read about a half hour before i looked at your blog. the article's about a man who loses his older brother and winds up marrying his sibling's ex-girlfriend. the brother died on PanAm flight 103. ken dornstein penned the article.


Citizen H said...

What's at fault here? The Director's cynical sarcasm or Hilton's delusions of adequacy? This assumes she is actively seeking the part.

If she gets the part and doesn't burst into flames, Mother Theresa herself would be spinning in her grave so rapidly you could rig her to a generator and power the Las Vegas strip.