Sunday, March 04, 2007

Either You or Your Head Must Be Off

"She is Joseph Goebbels with breasts," says Unremitting Mike.

I don't know what to say. Maybe Coulter's been sniffing glue. Ann, jet-setting liberals don't have genitals - you know that.


Citizen H said...

Good thing about being an attorney: Ann Coulter can afford the best crack.

Grant Miller said...

Unremitting Mike is onto something. Although, it's also accurate to say she is Joseph Goebbels with a larger Adam's apple.

UF Mike said...

Thanks for the plug, Kissyface! Personally, I think Grant Miller's onto something. She does have a large adam's apple, doesn't she? It could turn out that she's Rush Limbaugh, with a bigger penis.

kissyface said...

H - HA!

GM - good point and HA!

UF M - don't mention it. And I was just likening her to Limbaugh yesterday. I think they are both performers with a childhood grudge. It would be interesting to know how they were treated by their classmates. Limbaugh seems like a fat kid who got pushed around too much, and now he's bitter. I don't know what Coulter's bag might be, but maybe she's just not all that comfortable with her sexuality, or maybe it's that thing of being a really smart woman with opinions - often it doesn't make you popular with the boys. Of course I've just violated all sorts of personal principles by writing that.

Mea culpa...

Citizen H said...

I dunno, KF, smart and opinionated can be appealing. But when you have a woman like Coulter who imposes her opinions on everyone as if from on high, then there's a problem. There's no room for give-and-get there.

Seriously, I think she snorts a line of coke off a copy of Mein Kampf before every speaking gig.

Maybe this time she's finally made herself a pariah in conservative circles. If she gets invited to next year's CPAC convention they'll probably have a ball gag waiting.

kissyface said...

H - I didn't say 'all the boys.' I'm aware there are a wise few of you out there who realize that eventually you're going to have to actually talk to the girl. But in high school, which is where a lot of people get stuck, the girls tend to clam up for the sake of their popularity.

and this is one of the funniest things you've ever written:

"Seriously, I think she snorts a line of coke off a copy of Mein Kampf before every speaking gig."

she does get that crazed look in her eyes, and I think coke is a big ego drug - tends to bring out the megalomaniac in people, which is clearly part of her problem.

unremitting mike said...

Thank you, Citizen H, for that unforgettable image. The woman had herself photographed by Joseph McCarthy's grave, for god's sake, and not as some form of ironic juxtoposition. No. As tribute. I like intelligent women, but there's something seriously wrong with Ann. She looks like any minute her eyes are going to explode.